Sendero Brothers - Nutrition Information

You deserve to know what's on your plate. With Sendero Brothers beef, you can rest assured knowing that you're serving the goodness of all-natural, ethically raised beef to your family.

No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics

We never lace our cattle with antibiotics or growth hormones. Sendero Brothers has strict standards when it comes to the health of our cattle. If one of our cattle becomes ill and we need to give it an antibiotic, it is permanently removed from the all-natural herd.

Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished vs. Commercial Grain-Finished

All of our cattle are raised on free-range, naturally fertilized pastures where they can drink cool, clear water and live a stress-free life. They are never put through feedlots as these lots frequently feature tight conditions that cause stress and result in exposure to many diseases that are created when hundreds of cattle are kept in undersized pens.

Low-Stress Handling

Cows Under a Rainbow

Low-stress handling is important to both flavor and tenderness in beef. Here on Sendero Brothers Ranches, there are no loud noises when we work the cattle. We know that treating them gently creates better beef. They seem to get used to the routine which keeps us and the cattle relaxed and at ease.

Better Diet. Better Health.

The effects of grass-fed beef and its nutritional benefits to the human body range from a lower risk of cancer to better circulation of the cardiovascular system. It also raises carotene levels, resulting in robust levels of vitamin A and E. Vitamin A helps with the lining of your eye lenses, as well as your respiratory, urinary, and intestinal tracks. It also helps your immune system and your skin. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant which helps your body fight cancer and keep fit.

Omega-3 — The Good Fat

The human body does not produce fat and therefore must harvest it where and when it can. Sendero Brothers raises our beef to be high in omega-3 fatty acid which is the much more digestible fat. Omega-3 is clear at room temperature as compared to the omega-6 fatty acid found in feedlot beef. Omega-3 is used in the body to coat the inside of our bodies, from the fluids that cover our eye lenses to our intestinal linings. Simply put: omega-3 is all about health!

Omega-6 — The Bad Fat

Omega-6 fatty acid is the cholesterol-heavy fat that gives beef a bad reputation. It's the white fat left in your frying pan when you cook a burger made with commercial beef. Sendero Brothers beef has a much better omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. The ratio in feedlot beef can be as high as 20:1 (omega-6 to omega-3). With grass-fed beef, the ratio can be as low as 2:1. This makes a huge difference when it comes to your health. Omega-6 is simply the wrong thing to be feeding our families.